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Volume 3 Issue 02
January 17, 2005


The 100th Day of School

WELCOME! to Education World's Early Childhood Newsletter. Each month, I'll share some ideas on a familiar teaching theme. Hopefully you will find a new activity idea or two -- or a new twist on one of your old favorites! Since I know you are very busy, I'll be short and sweet -- like most of activities I suggest.

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100 days of school!
I’ve learned a lot so far.
Sorting, counting, adding,
The sun’s a big, hot star.

Learning letters and their sounds,
Many new words to know,
We’re all busy learners--
Stay ‘round and watch us grow!

Use this poem as a springboard for your 100th Day celebration. You may wish to change some words to adapt it to your program or add a verse of your own. Have fun!

Susan LaBella
Editor, Early Childhood Education Newsletter


--- Encourage children to bring in canned goods. When you have 100 cans or items, donate them to a local charity.
--- Invite children to use paper, lace, glitter, and stickers to create 100 valentine cards. Arrange for the group to deliver them to the children’s unit at a nearby hospital, senior citizens’ complex, or nursing home; or mail them to servicemen and women around the globe.

--- Use a cart or some helpers to take 100 books to the gym. Invite children to estimate how far 100 books might reach when placed end to end. Let children lay out the books and compare their estimates.
--- Have children trace their feet. Cut out 100 footprints. Have students guess how far in your building 100 footprints will go. Mark off every ten feet with tape.
--- Fill bags with 100 pennies, 100 pieces of pasta, 100 pieces of cereal, and 100 of some other things. Ask children to guess the weight of each bag and arrange the bags from heaviest to lightest. Then weigh the bags and chart your results.

Make copies of a 100-dollar bill. Give one to each child and ask him or her to imagine what he or she would do with all that money. Invite children to illustrate their responses.

Read to children The Wolf’s Chicken Stew, by Keiko Kaska. Count all the things the wolf makes for the hen and her chickens. Follow up by making 100 pancakes. Place them in stacks of 10. Encourage children to count them by 10s. Then serve them with a choice of toppings.

Talk about opposites. Then prepare “Our Book of 100 Opposites.” First, choose themes for opposites, for example things on the ground/in the air or hot things/cold things. Elicit opposite responses from children and list them in the booklet. You can record 50 hot things on one page of a spread and 50 cold things on the facing page of the spread. Continue with an opposite theme on each spread. When your booklet is complete, share it with other classes.