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M&M Charts - Mmm!


Prepare for each child a graph on a piece of drawing paper. Across the bottom write the colors of M&Ms. On the left side, write numbers 1 to 10. Create a grid of boxes by drawing lines horizontally and vertically. Now give each child a handful of M&Ms. (You might need to remind students not to eat any of the M&Ms until the activity is over.) Let children sort their M&Ms by color and place each in the correct box on their graphs. Then let children use their graphs to answer questions such as Which color has the most M&Ms? Which color has the fewest? For which color did you have no M&Ms?

As follow-up activities, you might

  • Invite children to use their M&Ms to create color patterns.
  • Let children use M&Ms to form number groups. They can solve simple number problems using the groups.

When you've completed the M&M activities, invite everyone to enjoy their M&M snacks.

Note: Instead of creating your own chart, you might provide students with a copy of this chart. If you cannot print the page in color, before copying you will want to write the names of the colors below the M&Ms at the bottom of the page.


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