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Watch Turtles Hatch


Read to children One Tiny Turtle by Nicola Davies. Explore the way in which turtles hatch from eggs. Discuss the remarkable story of sea turtles that return to the same beach where they were hatched years before to lay their own eggs. Then use this movement game to have children pretend to be tiny sea turtles that are about to hatch.

  • Have each child roll himself/herself into a ball. This is the egg.
  • Tap one child on the shoulder. This child pretends to push out of the egg and move like a baby turtle.
  • That child also moves to another "egg" and touches it.
  • The child just tapped "hatches" and moves on to touch another "egg."
  • Continue in this manner until all children have been tapped and "hatched."

Designate one area in your room as the sea. When all the babies have hatched, they should all rush to get safely into the sea.



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