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Thanks for the Corn


Explain to children that when the Pilgrims first arrived in Plymouth, Native Americans taught them how to plant and grow corn. The Pilgrims were thankful for the corn they grew and gave thanks for it at their harvest feast. To emphasize the importance of corn and reinforce counting, let children try the activity below.

On a large sheet of heavy stock paper create a bingo-type grid with nine or twelve squares. In each square draw an empty basket. Next to each basket write a number. (You may want to laminate this chart.) Provide a handful of candy corn and have a child count out as many corn pieces as the number that is shown in the square and place them "into" the basket.


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Sue LaBella, Education World's early childhood editor, is a former teacher who loves writing activities and poems for young children. She lives in Connecticut with her family and her bulldog named Daisy.

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