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Water: Drop It,
Pour It, Feel It


Use a medicine dropper to drop water onto paper towel, aluminum foil, terry cloth, polyester fabric, and other materials. Help children understand that some materials suck up the water and others do not.

Now ask children to find out more about water. How quickly or slowly does it sink or go through?

  • Place out pans of sand, dirt, or pebbles. Have children pour cupfuls of water into each pan. Ask in which pan does water sink first? last? Why might that be true? Continue to experiment using loose soil and hard-packed soil.
  • Cut up squares from an old sheet and from plastic. Place a square of material on each child's arms. Spray each square lightly with water. Ask children what they feel with each material. Ask Which fabric would you like for a raincoat?
  • Give each child a feather. Drop a drop of water onto the feather. Encourage children to tell you what happens. Then talk about how birds stay dry in a rainstorm.


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