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Patriotic Parade

Children will love making these crowns and torches for a special "liberty" parade.

Crowns. Cut strips of white construction about 2-inches wide and give one to each child. Next provide children with stars cut from red, white, and blue paper. Invite children to glue stars onto their paper strips. Children might also add patriotic stickers if available. Fit each child's strip to his or her head and staple.

Torches. Roll old newspapers into cone shapes and tape them. Give each child a cone. Invite children to paint their cones. When the cones are dry, stuff red and yellow tissue paper (flames) into the open top of the cones.

Encourage children to join the parade as you have them proceed around the room or school grounds on foot or on decorated tricycles or wagons.



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Sue LaBella, former Education World early childhood editor, is a former teacher who loves writing activities and poems for young children. She lives in Connecticut with her family and her bulldog named Daisy.


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