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Estimate It
On the 100th Day


  • Use a cart or some helpers to take 100 books to the gym. Invite children to estimate how far 100 books might reach when placed end to end. Let children lay out the books and compare their estimates.
  • Have children trace their feet. Cut out 100 footprints. Have students guess how far in your building 100 footprints will go. Mark off every ten feet with tape.
  • Fill bags with 100 pennies, 100 pieces of pasta, 100 pieces of cereal, and 100 of some other things. Ask children to guess the weight of each bag and arrange the bags from heaviest to lightest. Then weigh the bags and chart your results.


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Sue LaBella, Education World's early childhood editor, is a former teacher who loves writing activities and poems for young children. She lives in Connecticut with her family and her bulldog named Daisy.

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