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S E A S O N A L     &     H O L I D A Y S
  • Four More Holiday Books
    This week, Education World adds to its list of holiday resources with Christmas and Hanukkah books for the youngest readers that feature flaps that lift and wheels that spin, a book of Christmas poems, and for older readers, a guide to holidays celebrated the world over. --12/13/2000

  • Books for the December Holidays
    Read about a hapless deli owner who takes Santa's place on Christmas Eve. Learn about the history and the observance of Kwanzaa. Join a young girl as she discovers for herself what Hanukkah is all about. Follow the exploits of two naughty trolls who try to have Christmas -- by stealing it. This week's books explore the true meanings behind the holidays. --12/06/2000

  • Tricks and Treats!
    This year, Halloween falls on a school day. Instead of vying for your students' attention when their thoughts are on costumes and candy, why not share some new Halloween books? --10/18/2000

  • Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month
    Hispanic Heritage Month is observed from September 15 through October 15. This month provides the perfect opportunity to examine new books that celebrate the richness, uniqueness, and diversity of Hispanic culture.--09/27/2000

  • Three New Books of Summer Fun
    Are your finding themselves stuck indoors too much this summer? This week, Education World looks at three new books full of fun, challenging activities that are sure to take the edge off those less than summery days!--06/21/2000

  • Explore the True Meaning of the Holiday
    Amid the high-energy excitement of family gatherings and gift giving, children sometimes have difficulty remembering that the roots of Christmas and Hanukkah celebrations lie in temples and churches, not in malls. These five books will help them remember.--12/13/1999

  • Discover Holiday Books About Friends Old and New
    Discover five new holiday books that will bring the joy and spirit of the season to your classroom.--12/06/1999

  • A Harvest of New Thanksgiving Books
    This week Education World reviews three new Thanksgiving titles that will make great additions to any classroom or school library. Readers of all ages will learn about Thanksgiving traditions and about the spirit of cooperation in A Pioneer Thanksgiving and A Thanksgiving Wish. The youngest readers will enjoy learning about history and sharing with One Little, Two Little, Three Little Pilgrims. --11/22/1999

  • Four New Halloween Treats Hit Bookstores
    Are your students really wound up about the big night ahead? Are their thoughts on anything but their schoolwork? Have they been sampling too many sugary treats? Capitalize on this "teachable moment" by focusing your students' attention and your lessons on one of four new Halloween-themed books reviewed this week by Education World. --10/11/1999

  • New Books Celebrate Senior Citizens
    Celebrate Grandparents Day --September 12-- with some new books on a "grandparent" theme. Included: A scrapbook kit, a new book from Eve Bunting, and an old cat that finds a new interest! --09/06/1999

  • Celebrate "Be Kind to Animals Week" With New Books
    Celebrate Be Kind to Animals Week (May 2-8) with these new titles. A new series of easy-reader chapter books exposes kids to the veterinary profession and to animal issues. And a new oversized book, a veritable "dog-opedia," makes great library -- even coffee table -- material! --05/03/1999

  • Take a Brrr-eak for Some Cool Winter Reading!
    Warm up this winter with some cool new books about the North Pole, blizzards, and ice skating. They are among the b-b-best of the new winter b-b-books!--01/25/1999

  • The Spirit of the Holidays Is Alive in Three New Books!
    The Angel of Mill Street, The Christmas Adventure of Space Elf Sam, and The Popcorn Tree -- three new books that spread the spirit of the season!--12/14/1998

  • Celebrate December: New Books About Hanukkah and Kwanzaa
    Two new books that belong in every elementary school library teach about the history, traditions, and vocabulary of Hanukkah and Kwanzaa.--12/07/1998

  • Kids Will Gobble Up All About Turkeys!
    A new book from author/illustrator Jim Arnosky is a great resource for kids who are hungry for information about turkeys. A feast of fascinating facts, a must for every school library's bookshelf!--11/23/1998

  • A Halloween Story Treat!
    Looking for a special treat for your students this Halloween? You should have Diane Goode's Book of Scary Stories and Songs in your bag of tricks!--10/26/1998

  • Winter Books You Should Know About!
    A blizzard of new books focus on the history, the science, and the fun of SNOW --01/26/1998

  • A Holiday Tale About Survival and Hope
    A new book from Eve Bunting! As a mother and son prepare for sleep, their cardboard-box home is filled with love. They are about to share that love with a stranger. --12/01/1997

  • Let's Celebrate Christmas
    This new book explores the roots of America's Christmas traditions -- from Santa Claus to Christmas stockings and Christmas carols. --12/01/1997