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L A N G U A G E     A R T S
  • More New Alphabet Books!
    ABC books do more than just teach the alphabet. Check out these new ABC books to see what else your students can learn!--08/30/2000

  • New and Original Alphabet Books Debut!
    Brand-new illustrations give a century-old book a second life. Friendly insects plan a surprise party for one of their own. A lift-the-flap alphabet book encourages hands-on involvement from non-readers. A rather irreverent look at the alphabet will elicit a double take from older readers. This week, Education World looks at five enjoyable new alphabet books for preschoolers and up!--08/25/2000

  • Harry Potter Fever Reaches New Peak
    Why are kids -- and adults -- wild about Harry? How do you explain it?--07/10/2000

  • The Reading Team: A Handbook for Volunteer Tutors K-3
    In response to President Clinton's "America Reads Challenge," many community members are becoming more involved in their schools. The International Reading Association has taken a leadership role in the effort to train community members as reading tutors. This new handbook, a step-by-step guide from the IRA, is an invaluable training tool for tutors and tutor trainers.--04/12/1999

  • Teaching Phonics Today: A Primer for Educators
    Few topics in early education today generate as much heat as the phonics vs. whole language debate does. A new book, however, may go a long way toward damping the flames.--04/12/1999

  • Conquering the Fear of Shakespeare
    This week, Education World checks out three treatments of William Shakespeare's plays Macbeth and A Midsummer Night's Dream. Examine the picture book versions by popular children's author Bruce Coville, the narrative retellings of Leon Garfield (now available in paperback), and the shortened ("Sixty-Minute Shakespeare") versions of the plays by author and professor Cass Foster.--02/15/1999

  • Catch A New Batch of ABC Books!
    ABC books are a great way to engage student interest in any topic. This week, Education World takes a look at a handful of the most recent books of the genre, including books about boats, the rain forest, and children with asthma.--10/12/1998

  • Poems About School Have Never Been This Cool!Best of 1998 Graphic
    New in paperback from Picture Puffin, Lunch Money and Other Poems About School explores the "ring-true" events of every school day!--08/31/1998

  • Poems -- And Other Pet Fun!
    What's going on inside your dog's head? Can you teach an old dog new tricks? Find answers to those questions -- and celebrate Be Kind to Animals Week (May 3-9) -- with two new books! Included: A (Pet) Poetry Contest for Kids -- Deadline: May 15! --05/04/1998

  • Celebrate the New Year with a New Book: Auld Lang Syne
    A new book will inspire appreciation for the life of Robert Burns, the great Scottish poet, and for the oft-sung words of his most famous work -- Auld Lang Syne. --01/05/1998

  • Meet the Authors:Peek Inside The World of Children's Book WritersBest of 97 Icon
    Where do authors get their ideas? Is writing hard work? 'Meet the Authors' -- and find out! --11/17/1997

  • 'It Came From Ohio!' The Life of the Frighteningly Famous R.L.Stine
    An autobiography of America's best-selling author scares up opportunities to explore the everyday fears, frights -- and fun! -- of growing up. Story-writing ideas included! --10/13/1997