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  • Activity Books for Hands-on Fun!
    Do you want to try a recipe based on Native American cuisine? What about easy-to-sew hats and mittens of super-soft fleece? For dozens of engaging, entertaining, and enjoyable projects, try two great new activity books for children ages nine to 12. --01/24/2001

  • The Power of Music
    The Music Educators National Conference has designated March Music In Our Schools Month. Observe this special month with two new picture books that celebrate the power of music!--03/27/2000

  • New Book Challenges Kids to Be Creative!
    See the number 2 in the curl of a kite string floating high in the sky? See the fancy 9 in the contours of a conch shell? Arlene Alda's 1-2-3 challenges readers to look at photographs -- and the world -- in a different way. This book, a companion to Arlene Alda's ABC, will suggest many extension activities for students from K to college. Included: Activity suggestions from the author!--03/29/1999

  • Two New Books Make Beautiful Music!
    Weave music into any classroom curriculum with two new books! Play Me a Story presents nine tales from around the world, each with a musical instrument as its central focus. And 16 Songs Kids Love to Sing offers songs ideal for the classroom -- songs for primary and upper elementary students, songs for team building and celebrating, and songs just for fun!--03/15/1999

  • Modeling Clay: An Ideal Teaching Tool!
    A new book makes working with modeling clay as easy as 1-2-3. Easy to follow, step-by-step instructions will have kids (and teachers) creating the coolest creatures, people, buildings, furniture, vehicles, and more! The key: A few simple ideas, shared here by clay-illustrator Barbara Reid. A great resource for an art lesson, or for extending literature or history curricula!--10/05/1998