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Are you looking for literature to support classroom instruction about Tornadoes? Check out Our Editors’ Choices for titles recommended by the Education World team. Then it's your turn to share books that you enjoy or use in your classroom in the Our Readers’ Voices section below. With your help, we will build the best list on the Web of Best Books for teaching about Tornadoes.



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by DK Publishing
Here is a dramatic and compelling guide to nature's most dangerous and destructive forces. Stunning full-color photographs, models, and illustrations offer a unique "eyewitness" view of catastrophic weather conditions. See into the eye of a spiraling cyclone, hailstones the size of tennis balls, a spectacular lightning ball, the devastating effects of the El Nino phenomenon, and how a gentle mountain stream can become a raging torrent within a few minutes. Learn about the techniques developed through the centuries to forecast weather, what causes giant waves capable of engulfing entire cities, and how plants and animals have adapted to withstand extreme conditions. Part of the DK Eyewitness Books series.

by Cynthia Nicolson
With wind speeds of 300 m.p.h. or more, F5 tornadoes are so powerful they can rip roofs off houses and toss cars and trucks around like toys. Now kids can get a close-up look at these violent winds as they follow storm chasers hot on the trail of a tornado. They'll see amazing photos of tornadoes and the damage they leave behind, and read about some of the most destructive tornadoes of the last century. Features activities, a glossary and index.

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by Peter S Felknor
The Tri-State Tornado is a gripping account of the worst tornado disaster in American history. Claiming 689 lives during a three-hour rampage across Missouri, Illinois, and Indiana on March 18, 1925, the storm had one of the longest uninterrupted paths (219 miles) and one of the widest (up to one mile) of any recorded tornado. Its continuous energy was so extreme that it completely obliterated several small towns in its path. Although the fatality count was nearly that of the 1906 San Francisco earthquake, with the exception of meteorologists and residents of the affected area few had ever heard of this catastrophe until this book's initial release in 1992.

by Betsy Byars
A tornado appears in the distance, and Pete, the farmhand, gathers everyone into the storm cellar. While they wait for the storm to pass, he tells the family about the dog dropped down by a tornado when Pete was a boy. Named Tornado, Pete's pet was no ordinary dog -- he played card tricks, saved a turtle's life, and had a rivalry with the family cat. By the time Pete tells all of Tornado's lively stories, the storm has passed, and another family has been entertained by this very special dog. A fine read-aloud book.

by Franklyn M. Branley
Branley explains these powerful storms in simple terms young children can understand. He describes the funnel cloud and how it forms and [tells] what to do during a tornado. The book ends on a comfortable note, that the idea is not to panic but to know what to do to ensure safety. Part of the Let's-Read-and-Find-Out Science series.

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