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Are you looking for literature to support classroom instruction about Authors? Check out Our Editors’ Choices for titles recommended by the Education World team. Then it's your turn to share books that you enjoy or use in your classroom in the Our Readers’ Voices section below. With your help, we will build the best list on the Internet of Best Books for teaching about Authors.



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by Colleen Aagesen, Margie Blumbe
Kids can experience William Shakespeare's England and get their first taste of the Bard's sublime craft with this biography and activity book. Staging swordplay, learning to juggle, and creating authentic costumes like a flamboyant shirt with slashed sleeves or a lady's lace-trimmed glove bring the theater arts to life. Making a quill pen and using it to write a story, binding a simple book by hand, and creating a fragrant pomander ball and a dish of stewed apples show what daily life was like in Elizabethan times. Inspired by scenes from Shakespeare's plays, kids can invent new words, write songs, and devise scathing or comical insults just as he did. Part of the For Kids series.

by Charles D. Cohen
Theodor Seuss Geisel, creator of Horton the Elephant, the Grinch, the Cat in the Hat, and a madcap menagerie of the best-loved children's characters of all time, stands alone as the preeminent figure of children's literature. But Geisel was a private man who was happier at the drawing table than he was across from any reporter or would-be biographer. Under the thoughtful scrutiny of Charles D. Cohen, Geisel's lesser known works yield valuable insights into the imaginative and creative processes of one of the 20th century's most original thinkers.

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by Allison Mangrum
Explore the inspiring world of African American literature as you read about these amazing writers -- Phillis Wheatley, Frederick Douglass, Frances Ellen Watkins Harper, Zora Neale Hurston, Langston Hughes, and Richard Wright. History and writing are made fun and easy to understand using captivating stories and colorful images, comprehension and critical thinking questions, definitions for higher-level vocabulary, hands-on writing activities, and resources that take you beyond the book. Part of the Explore the Ages series.

by Lisa Tucker McElroy, Abigail Jane Cobb, Joel Benjamin
Prolific children's book author Vicki Cobb is highlighted in this biography, as told by her nine-year-old granddaughter, Abigail. Lots of colorful photos take up almost half of the space on each page. Readers find out about the process of creating, writing, and publishing children's books, and Cobb comes across as fun, interesting, and accessible. The last page, "If You Want to Be a Children's Book Author," gives good suggestions for beginning writers. (School Library Journal) Part of the Grandmothers at Work series.

by Laura Joffe Numeroff
What happens when you give an author a pencil? She will write about writing! Author Laura Numeroff, whose first book, "Amy for Short," grew out of a college assignment, recounts her life and describes how her daily activities and creative process are interwoven. This book provides the kind of insight that might usually only be gleaned through a personal chat with an author as it inspires children to become writers themselves. Part of the Meet the Author series.

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The Education World Editors’ Choices above represent just a handful of the fine books that might be used to support classroom instruction about Authors. Now we’re waiting for you to add to our list. Simply send us your review of a favorite book in 100 words or fewer and we will add it to the Readers’ Choices below.

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