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April Fool's Day



Are you looking for literature to support classroom instruction about April Fool's Day? Check out Our Editors’ Choices for titles recommended by the Education World team. Then it's your turn to share books that you enjoy or use in your classroom in the Our Readers’ Voices section below. With your help, we will build the best list on the Internet of Best Books for teaching about April Fool's Day.





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by Teresa Bateman
It's a spring morning on the farm. Grandma is happy the grandkids are visiting - they've picked just the right day! -- and Grandpa is fixing breakfast. Suddenly his grandson reports that the cows are loose. Grandpa just pours himself a glass of milk. When his granddaughter shouts the chickens are out, Grandpa cooks up some eggs. Pigs broke the gate? Grandpa fries bacon. Why is Grandpa so cool? Because he knows the kids are trying to play an April Fool's trick.


by James Stevenson
Something peculiar is going on in the village of Mud Flat today. Mr. Duffy has disappeared in a puff of green smoke, and Brian woke up with his head on backward. Doris is greeted by a singing tree, and poor Lila sniffs a rose that promptly squirts in her eye. What is this strange brand of spring fever? James Stevenson provides the happy answer in another hilarious visit with the lovable residents of Mud Flat.


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by Gregory Maguire
It's springtime in Vermont, and strange happenings are afoot in the little town of Hamlet. The students are busily planning their practical jokes for April Fool's Day, but their pranks fall flat when it is discovered that their beloved teacher, Miss Earth, has gone missing. Miss Earth's students know that the clock is ticking and they must find the answer -- and their teacher -- before it is too late. True to form, Gregory Maguire has created a tale packed with high humor and suspense that also touches on more serious themes of adolescence and family relationships. Part of the Hamlet Chronicles series.


by Frank Modell
Frank Modell's amusing book will delight beginning readers. With cartoon-like pen and watercolor illustrations, along with one or two sentences per page, this book is also a good read-aloud. The story about two boys, Marvin and Melvin, is a simple one. Although Marvin loves to fool Milton, none of his imaginative attempts work as the two friends take a walk on April Fools' Day. Then, while kidding one another, each boy inadvertently fools the other.



by Gail Langer Karwoski
Focusing on the wave that struck Hawaii in1946, Karwoski presents the event from a variety of viewpoints. The destruction of Hilo harbor leads off, citing accounts of victims from the Japanese neighborhood known as Shinmachi, and is followed by the story of the destruction of a school on Laupahoehoe Point. The author describes the cause of this disaster, a 7.8-scale earthquake in the Aleutians, and discusses other significant historic tsunamis. Sidebars add additional information, distinguish between tsunamis and tidal waves, provide more detail on individuals and the phenomenon, present definitions, and describe the causes of tsunamis. (School Library Journal)




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