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Unbelievable School Decisions: The “Pucker Up” Pep Rally

There are few things as shocking as a parent-child make-out session, but that didn’t stop staff members at a Minneapolis-area high school from staging exactly that in the name of building team spirit.

Rosemount High School was hosting an in-school pep rally in the gymnasium for its winter sports teams in 2011. The rally involved a number of speeches and spirit-boosting activities, but one activity in particular drew the ire of many in attendance.

Parents "make out" with their kids
in front of a cheering audience.

Several team members, both male and female, were brought before the entire school and blindfolded. They were told that they would be on the receiving end of a passionate kiss from a secret admirer and then asked to identify that admirer based upon the smooch. What they didn’t know was that the kiss would be coming from their parents.

A spokesperson for the school district, Tony Taschner, told the Minneapolis Star-Tribune that this was not the first time the prank had been pulled. In fact, he said that the same stunt was executed several years ago, with students receiving pecks on the cheek. That pep rally came and went without public outcry.

The 2011 version of the stunt, however, led to an apology from Principal John Wollersheim. This time, the kisses were far more than innocent pecks. In a YouTube video of the event, several of the parents are seen engaging in highly questionable amorous behavior with their children. The video shows one mother passionately kissing her son before taking him to the floor for continued canoodling. Another mother is seen moving her son’s hands to her buttocks as they lock lips. Yet another mother fondles her son’s face during an extended kiss.

Being hormone-riddled teens, the students were completely on board with the concept. They are seen making the most of their moment, egged on by the raucous cheers of everyone in attendance. After the participants were separated, each of the students was asked to identify his or her admirer. Obviously nobody was correct; however, several students commented favorably, even describing their partners’ lips as “luscious.” It wasn’t until the “Oedipal” reveal that the embarrassment set in.

After receiving several complaints, Wollersheim announced that the prank would never be pulled again. "There is no question that people were offended," Wollersheim told the Star Tribune. "I apologize to those who were offended, and we won't do it again." He added, “Anything that happens at this school is the principal's responsibility. I take full responsibility. ... There shouldn't be an event in a school that we offend people with."

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Article by Jason Tomaszewski, EducationWorld Associate Editor
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