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Gift Ideas for
Teacher Appreciation Week
(Or Any Other Time)


Many companies - you get their catalogs -- provide personalized gifts. Everything from pens and pencils to mugs, and stationery to sportswear, can be created with your school name and/or logo on them. Each year, we try to give a nice gift during Teacher Appreciation Week, like this toolkit we gave one year. But we also give a wide variety of small and inexpensive (or no-cost) recognitions.

Is there a way to tie in a gift to a school-wide theme or project? This toolkit would be a perfect gift for kicking of your yearlong "Giving Kids All the Tools They Need" theme. Or maybe your staff has invested a good bit of time developing a new mission statement. If that is the case, you might invest a little money into providing coffee mugs with the school logo and new mission statement printed on them. That constant reminder of their efforts and your school-wide mission is well worth the few bucks you will spend on those mugs.

The leadership team at DeQuincy Elementary School, DeQunicy, Louisiana

Send Us Your Favorite Tool

Looking to nail your next meeting with a good idea? Tighten up staff relations? Hammer out some great test scores? Construct a fun reward or event? Ratchet up your team building skills?

Just drill into our toolbox for all the tools you need -- like the one above submitted by a school leader just like you.

If you find the tools in our Principal's Toolbox to be of value, we hope you will be willing to contribute your favorite tool. Just email a clear photo of the "tool" along with a brief description and your name, school name, and location to [email protected]. If we add your tool to the Principal's Toolbox we will even send along a few Ed World sticky-note pads via snail mail.