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Teacher of the Day

Name:  LaShona Carter

School:  Mansfield Elementary

Subject:  Pre K, K, 2nd, 3rd, 4th

State:  Louisiana

What or who inspired you to become a teacher?

I grew up in a family of teachers, so I guess it's safe to say that I had quite a bit of inspiration. Even as a kid I played "school," and I was always the teacher.

How are things different for you now, compared to when you first started teaching?

As a first-year teacher, I had a lot of questions and uncertainties. Also, there was not a lot of technology at that time. Over the years I have been to hundreds of professional developments, visited numerous websites, and attended countless conferences. These events keep me informed and abreast of the hot topics and trends in education. However, my most valuable growth experiences have come from being around fabulous co-workers who supported and shared experiences with me year after school year.

What advice would you give to a new or struggling teacher?

My advice is to keep an open mind to advice from your colleagues. Sharing ideas is golden. Teachers learn so much from one another and sometimes collaborate to create something even greater.

Take advantage of professional development opportunities and really give your new learning a try. Subscribe to reputable education websites and magazines and broaden your knowledge of your field. And most of all, have fun. When the students see you enjoying your day, they will too.

My best day in the classroom was when…

I taught the students the whole-brain methods. The process of learning the responses was fun and of high interest due to the interactive nature of whole brain. The kids enjoyed learning how to respond and interact with one another, so it did not take them long to master it. Anyway, this was one of the first days of school but it was a GREAT first day because we got off to such a wonderful and productive start.

The best compliment I ever received was...

From parents:

"You have helped my child so much."
"You are the first teacher to care enough to really push my child and take no excuses, and I appreciate you."
"This has been his best year."

And from students:

"You are so pretty!"
"I wish you were my Mama."
"Thank you for making me smart now."

What's your favorite part of the school year?

My favorite parts of the year are times when a celebration is in order such as holidays, birthdays and special awards days. Students get so excited on these days, and I get a chance to enjoy that time or victory with them.

What is your one must-have item for the classroom?

Parent-Teacher daily folder. That is my daily communication tool.

What do you eat for breakfast on school days?

A fruit smoothie, actual fruit, coffee, pop tart, or anything that I can eat while driving.

What movie or TV show do you secretly love?

Pitch Perfect


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