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Giving Advice to
Job Seekers
(Part 2)


"In the interview, don't act like you know it all already. You don't. You can't. As a seasoned interviewer, I much prefer to work with a candidate who openly admits to being a neophyte, who will embrace the idea of having a mentor or two, and who is willing to learn. In this profession, none of us ever knows it all, and we have to keep sharpening our own blades to keep up." (Judy Burt)

"I look to see if a candidate has a natural love for kids. I believe I can help them learn to teach, but I cannot train someone to love what they do and who they do it with." (Cyndi Patterson)

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Have you any advice for new or experienced teachers who are in the job market? What can/should they do to make themselves stand out from the crowd? What skills and attitudes are you and other principals looking for as you interview candidates for openings in your school? Any advice you might be willing to give would be appreciated by teachers involved in a job search. Click to join the conversation. Share your thoughts and ideas so job seekers might better prepare themselves for the search.

Tell about your special skills. "Over the years of interviewing candidates for teaching positions, there are several critical questions that I always ask. The most important question is Why should I hire you instead of the other 30 candidates who have applied?" (Walter Lutz)

"Remember that you are interviewing the school too. Be prepared with questions and know as much about the school as you can before you sign on the dotted line." (Bobby Templeton)

"I think any aspiring teacher would have a big advantage if he or she were able to articulate a philosophy related to the teaching of reading and an understanding of research-based methodologies. That is critical in elementary school, of course. But in secondary schools ... we are finding ourselves rethinking how much of the time traditionally spent teaching core content can be shifted over to the direct instruction of functional reading in all of our classrooms. ..." (Lyn McCarty)

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