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Take Five for...

Reflecting on the
Most Important
Principal Leadership Traits


"If you don't know where you are going, it makes no difference what path you take. Without a clear vision, you have no way to prioritize what is most essential. A clear vision allows you to focus energy on the most important things to do." (Helene Dykes)

"If credibility and trust are not established, nothing the principal sets out to do can be achieved. As a principal, trust and credibility are the foundation for my goals and objectives. It is also the fuel for my vision." (Betty Luckett)

"An effective administrator must be visible. Students, staff, and parents need to see the administrator in the classrooms, in the corridors, at lunches, at bus duty, and at extracurricular activities. If that is accomplished, the administrator will know his or her constituents, be aware of what is taking place in the building, and send the message to all that he or she is concerned." (John Grady)

"Building leadership in others is very important. It is a reflection of trust in others, empowers others, and provides for a future for 'the vision.' It ensures that the vision will go on whether I am here to see it happen or not." (Judy Burt)

"Principals need to laugh at themselves, laugh with their teachers, and laugh at the wonderful things the students do each day. I can't think of a more important trait for a school -- especially an elementary school -- than humor!" (Jon Romeo)

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