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Morning Math Questions
Week 10 (Question Groups 19 and 20)

Principal Larry Davis emphasizes the importance of math by making Morning Math part of his school's morning routine. Two days a week during morning announcements, he poses "Mr. Davis Math Questions" to the students at Doctors Inlet Elementary School in Middleburg, Florida. Now, you can do the same in your school! Each week, Davis and Education World present two new sets of math questions for you to use to engage students and build math skills.

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Replace Mr. Davis's name with your name in each of the math questions below...

Question Group 19

  • Kindergarten: Mr. Davis has 20 pencils. He gets 10 more. How many pencils does he have in all? (30 pencils)
  • Grade 1: Mr. Davis reads 5 books a day. How many books does he read in 1 week? (35 books)
  • Grade 2: Mr. Davis reads 13 books on every day that starts with the letter T. How many books does he read in one week? (26 books)
  • Grade 3: Mr. Davis read 4 books. Each book had 17 chapters in it. How many chapters did Mr. Davis read? (68 chapters)
  • Grade 4: Mr. Davis read 37 books every month. How many books did he read in one year? (444 books)
  • Grade 5: Mr. Davis read 21 books. Each book had exactly 2,010 words in it. How many words did Mr. Davis read? (42,210 words)
  • Grade 6: Mr. Davis traveled 3,028 miles to Japan. He read one book every 8 miles he traveled. How many books had he read when he got to Japan? (378- books)

Question Group 20

  • Kindergarten: Mr. Davis bought 3 pencils at 2 cents each. How much did he spend on pencils? (6 cents)
  • Grade 1: Mr. Davis went arrived at the store at 8:00 a.m. It turned out that he was 1 hour early. At what time will the store open? (9:00 a.m.)
  • Grade 2: Mr. Davis left for work at 6:00 a.m. Work was a 15-minute drive from his home. What time did he arrive at work? 6:15 a.m.)
  • Grade 3: Mr. Davis saw 8 students with glasses in a classroom. Twice as many students did not wear glasses. How many students were in the classroom in all? (24 students)
  • Grade 4: Mr. Davis lived 30 minutes from the beach. His drove to the beach yesterday at a speed of 60 mile per hour. How long did it take him to get to the beach? (30 minutes)
  • Grade 5: Mr. Davis had 1,300 lollipops. He gave away 25 lollipops every hour. How many hours would it take for him to give away all the lollipops? (52 hours)
  • Grade 6: Mr. Davis saw that the temperature outdoors was 48 degrees Fahrenheit. Every hour, the temperature dropped another 4 degrees. How many hours would it take for the temperature to reach the freezing point? (4 hours)