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Being a principal is not all work and no play. Many principals lead "just for fun" activities that engage students, raise staff and student morale, and build a sense of community. The articles below from Education World's archive share stories and practical tips that might inspire you to let your hair down and have some fun.

Principals' Feats Fuel Fabulous Reading
What would students do to see their principal throw cow chips, spend a night on the roof, or get slimed? It turns out that they will do a great deal -- of reading! Principals everywhere are capitalizing on their students' desire to see them perform wacky stunts.


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Pete Hall: Why I Wear Red Socks to School
The earliest known socks were discovered in Egyptian tombs. In subsequent years, socks have taken many turns on the paths of style and function. Principal Pete Hall's socks, for instance, are red. Every day, red socks. So why does Hall wear red socks to school every day?

Best Bulletin Boards: Principals Share Favorite Hallway Displays
Some bulletin boards reflect student learning. Some attract attention as they display students' work or photos. Others simply brighten school hallways. Included: Principals share "best bulletin boards."

Group Brings Waves of Humor to Professional Development
The group Wavelength proves that professional development can be fun and full of substance. Using skits, music, and improvisation, the troupe zeros in on hot education topics. Included: Descriptions of Wavelength presentations.

Scrabble Clubs Spell Learning, Fun
Many schools are luring students away from TV and video games with the chance to out-spell classmates in after-school Scrabble club competitions. Educators say playing Scrabble improves language and social skills. Included: Scrabble as a teaching tool.

When All Else Fails, Turn to the Survival Kit
Though the new school year may seem daunting on the first day, survival kits can help teachers and students feel welcome and inspire them to start the year on a positive note. Ingredients can include bandages, Life Savers, and pennies.

Fab Friday: Fun and Games That Make a Difference
Three Fridays each year, Freeport (Maine) Middle School closes its textbooks and opens its doors to a different kind of learning. Students and teachers share exciting "Fab Friday" hobbies and activities and in the process learn to see one another in a whole new light.

Top Ten Picks for Great Teacher Flicks
Good "teacher movies" draw future teachers into the profession and reinvigorate seasoned veterans. Education World reports on an e-survey of teachers around the country that found the ten movies that resonate most strongly with them.

What Do Principals Do?
A principal's job responsibilities are endless... They involve monitoring and mentoring, planning and policing, evaluating and envisioning Students at one school shared their unique perspectives on what their principal does. Included: An activity idea for all principals.

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