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Mr. Ivan, The Principal Poet



"My dog ate my homework,"
Is so, s-o-o-o-o 5th grade.
I think it's time that some
Better excuses were made!

Now, don't show your teachers
This poem full of pranks.
Just use them in your school
And then tell me "Thanks!"

"My homework was written
On paper so light
That it was blown out my window
By a breeze in the night."

"You said we had to use pencil
But a pen's all I had,
So I decided not to do it
Just in case you'd be mad."

"I'm sure that I did it
'Cuz I do what you say,
So I'm guessing crooks swiped it
When I went out to play!"

"I'm hazy on the fine points,
But little men colored green
Are said to take Earth kids' homework
To places I've not been."

"Can we check the homework pile?
Are there some still left unsigned?
If so, one with all the right answers
Is almost certainly mine!"

"I tucked it in my math book,
But then things got bizarre!
The book ATE my homework
Like a choc-o-late bar!"

So there're some new ideas.
But I give no guarantee.
If they don't work for you,
Please, please don't blame me!

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Article by Ivan Kershner
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