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Mr. Ivan, The Principal Poet

Sitting in the Hallway


I'm sitting in the hallway,
And the classroom door is closed.
The teacher told me to sit out here
Now, why do you suppose?

The story that I'm telling
To my Mom and Dad tonight
Is that she's scolding all my classmates
And didn't want me to see the fight.

The more I think it over,
The clearer that it gets:
I'm not in trouble out here,
For I'm my teacher's pet!

She likes me more than the others,
And she wants to spare me pain
From listening to her holler
At Will and Kris and Jane.

I really should thank my teacher
For treating me so fine
And trying to spare my feelings
When the rest are out of line!

Copyright © 2006 Ivan Kershner, reprinted with permission.

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Article by Ivan Kershner
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