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NAESP Nominates Five Books for
2009 Principal's Read Aloud Award


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The five nominees for the 2009 NAESP Principals Read Aloud Award are...

A Bad Case of Stripes, written by David Shannon
Camilla Cream loves lima beans - but she won`t admit it to anyone. The other kids don`t like them, and Camilla wants to fit in. But as she tries on her forty-second potential outfit for the first day of school, the unthinkable happens: Camilla breaks out in stripes. It turns out that she is completely susceptible to the suggestions of others, so when the kids call out patterns, she changes colors obediently. Readers will identify with Camilla`s reluctance to admit to being different from her peers, and they will both laugh at and sympathize with the preposterous circumstances in which she finds herself.

Dog Breath: The Horrible Trouble With Hally Tosis, written by Dav Pilkey
Corny jokes, plays on words, and garishly colored illustrations keep both children and adults entertained in this story of a loving dog with horrible breath. When Mr. and Mrs. Tosis decide to give her away, their children try to cure the problem, but nothing works. Her days as the family pet are numbered until she licks the faces of two burglars. They pass out cold on the living-room floor, and Hally becomes a heroine.

Hooway for Wodney Wat, written by Helen Lester and illustrated by Lynn Munsinger
Poor Rodney Rat can`t pronounce his r`s, and gets teased for it. But when Camilla Capybera joins Rodney`s class and announces that she is bigger, meaner, and smarter than anyone else, everyone is afraid. Read along and see how Wodney surprises himself and his classmates by single-handedly saving the whole class from the bully.

Petite Rouge: A Cajun Red Riding Hood, written by Mike Artell and illustrated by Jim Harris
It`s a tale that`s been told forever about a girl, her grandmother, and a dangerous wolf, but with some Cajun flavor, including an alligator, a trusty cat, and some gumbo for Grand-mere. Follow this Little Red Riding Hood on her adventure filled with wacky twists and hilarious rhymes.

The Web Files, written by Margie Palatini and illustrated by Richard Egielski
Someone has pilfered a peck of perfect purple almost-pickled peppers. Ducktectives Web and Bill are hot on the trail of the pepper pincher, but this could be a hard case to quack since vegetables are vanishing all over the farm. Will they be able to catch the culprit before all the salad makings are snatched?

Principals can gather this year's nominated books from their school or local libraries, or they can order them at the links above or through NAESP. To learn more or to vote for your favorite, see 2009 NAESP Principal's Read Aloud Award.

NAESP is also taking nominations for the 2010 award. If you have a book you have enjoyed reading to children, submit your name and the title, author/illustrator, and publisher of a book currently in print and readily available to [email protected].