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The Education World Premiere Humor

Crazy News Quiz

(Continued from EdWorld At Home)
  1. A man allegedly robbed a bank and drove away. He got caught because:
    1. His license plate on his truck was "FIND ME," which was very easy to remember.
    2. He left his driver's license behind.
    3. He ran out of gas.

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  2. A man stole some valuable jewelry from a fund-raising event. He was caught because:
    1. He lost the jewelry and reported it to the police.

    2. He took the jewelry to the same store that had donated it, to check on exactly how much it was worth.

    3. He wore the jewelry in public, which was pretty weird since it was clearly women's jewelry.

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  3. The police responded to a 911 call and found an elderly man who had fallen out of his wheelchair and couldn't reach the phone. How had they been called?
    1. Well, nobody knows, but it's believed that Oprah did it as one of her acts of kindness.
    2. The man kept tossing marbles at the phone until he hit the right combination.
    3. Nobody really knows, but the man's cat was sitting by the phone when the police arrived.

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  4. A church recently had an unusual fund-raising sale. What did they sell?
    1. Bricks.
    2. Toilet paper.
    3. Sin "passes."

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That's right, folks. Make up a crazy news quiz story, or find one, and email it to [email protected], with the subject line Crazy News. You might find your contribution in the next Education World Premiere Humor Crazy News Quiz.

  1. a. Witnesses described the suspect's vehicle as a 1994 Black GMC pickup, specifically the eye-catching "FINDME" plate.

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  2. b. The mistake was particularly dumb because he didn't need to check the value by taking it to the store: The value of the jewelry was stated in the news reports about its theft!

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  3. c. That's right – the cat seems to have punched in 911 – or at least hit the speed-dial button for 911. The cat's name is Tommy.

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  4. b. Toilet paper. Brand: Angel Soft.

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