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How Much Do Different Animals Sleep?
(Continued from EdWorld At Home)

Sleep is a basic fact of human life, and most humans sleep about eight hours a night. You should get more sleep when you're younger, and you can do with less sleep when you're grown up.

Not all animals, however, sleep at all, and many sleep much less or much more than humans do.

Scientists don't understand everything about sleep, but they have measured how much sleep different animals get.

Bullfrog = 0 hours! That's right, they don't sleep!
Baboon = 9.4 hours.
Horse = 2.9 hours.
Cow = 4.0 hours.
Rabbit = 8.7 hours.
Dog = 10.7 hours (unless you wake him up and play with him!)
Pigeon = 11.9 hours.
Cat = 13.2 hours.
Ground squirrel = 14.5 hours.
Brown bat = 19.9 hours.
Hairy armadillo = 20.4 hours (now that's a sleepy animal!)

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