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How to Find Out Everything in the World

You can't learn stuff if you can't even find out about it, right?

OK, well, everything you need to know for school is sitting somewhere just waiting for you. Internet searching can be very fast, but

think about what kind of search you will need and

use good search strategies

because the Internet is huge (but it's messy!).

Just because you find something on the Internet, that doesn't mean you don't have to cite your source (say where you got your fact from). Here's a page that will tell you how to properly list facts you find on a Web page.


Many Web sites are not fact-checked the books or encyclopedias are checked. So double-check (find at least two separate sources for an important fact).

ALSO: Find your way around books better! Textbooks and other non-fiction books usually have a table of contents, an index, and sometimes a glossary. See https://www.quia.com/jg/3606list.html for a guide to the different parts of a book.

Learn how to find information and the world is your oyster (whatever that means - hey, maybe you can look it up!)

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