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With the New Year come thoughts of the future. What will things be like by the end of the year? Five years from now? Twenty years from now?

Here are some ideas and resources to help you look into the future!

Exploring the Future of Our Planet Through Science and Fantasy

Heres a great site students actually put together.

The Future of Medicine
This is a ThinkQuest about the future of medicine.

Core Learning Centers
This is a site that focuses on an idea of the future of school.

Fill in the blank: Dumb Predictions from the Past
Heres just a fun sheet where you can read some of the not-so-farsighted predictions people have made in the past about the future of technology.

An Illustrated Speculative Timeline of Future Technology
Theres a big title for you! Kind of explains itself!

Time Machine
This is a fun feature from CNN where you click on a year and can read about the future.

What Interests You?
Okay, this is a site about your own personal career future: Its from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, and its all about what kinds of careers you might like to pursue.

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