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Ever since humans discovered that these giant creatures once roamed the Earth, we have been fascinated by dinosaurs! Here is an amazing collection of Web pages where you can become the expert!

The Dinosauricon
This site is the best place to start for information about specific dinosaurs or dinosaur families.

This site contains lots of dinosaur information, including a useful Dinosaur Dictionary.

Dinosaur Illustrations
The dinosaur illustrations at this site include just about every type you can think of, from Acrocanthosaurus to Xiphactinus.

Dinosaur expert Don Lessem provides lots of dinosaur resources, including stories, facts, art, and additional links.

This dinosaur site includes individual pages about many different types of dinosaurs.

Discovering Dinosaurs
Learn how scientists' theories about dinosaurs have changed through the years.

Meet the Dinosaurs
The Staircase of Time at this site is an excellent resource for discovering when dinosaurs lived.

This site is full of sights, sounds, and information about dinosaurs and the times they lived in.

Discover a variety of dinosaur information from past issues of National Geographic.

Dinosaur Guide
Explore how dinosaurs looked, moved, sounded, and behaved.

Arthur's Dinosaur Clipart
This site offers large images of a variety of dinosaurs.

Dinosaur Clipart
Glambam Animations offers a number of dinosaur images.

Prehistoric Animals Clipart
Classroom Clipart provides several pages of dinosaur images.

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