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Yes, it is that time of year! Here are a few resources and ideas in case your teacher asks you to do a fall-theme project.

Leaf Math
This is a project about collecting leaves and doing different measurements on them. Pass this one along to your teacher!

Apple Juice on the Internet
Okay, some things on this site are kind of goofy, but have fun with it!

The Johnny Appleseed Home Page
All about one of the truly American legends, on a site by and for kids!

Online Autumn Quiz
If you're in grades 2-5, you might give this link to your teacher. It's an online quiz about the fall!

Explorers Word Scramble
Here's one for an Explorers Theme (big this time of year, with Columbus Day or Explorer's Day being in October) – an online game you might want to share with your teacher!

This Web page explains the reason why we have seasons.

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