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Yoga + Mindfulness Elementary COMPASS Curriculum (2020-21 School Year)

Individual Teacher 2020-21 Subscription (runs through June 15)

Introduction and Description:

Challenge to Change invites you to join in our mission of spreading kindness throughout the world by offering the practices of Yoga and Mindfulness to children with this elementary curriculum. This curriculum contains Challenge to Change's Proven Yoga in the Schools curriculum, self regulating tools for students, mindful activities, posters, yoga card decks, and so much more.

This is not a course and no credit is awarded. What you are purchasing is a set of powerful resources and tools which enable you, as an individual classroom teacher operating one classroom to bring yoga and mindfulness to life in your classroom or home in a way that best serves you and your students. These practices can be taught in 30 minute segments or shown individually for brain breaks or rewards. The possibilities are endless and will work well if you are teaching remotely!

Duration: The material in this curriculum is available to you for the 2020-2021 school year so it will be expiring on June 15, 2021. For you to continue to have access to these materials you will have to purchase the course again for the next school year.

What You Get:

You will learn how to implement this Challenge to Change Yoga in the Schools Program where you navigate the direction and we guide the way. The Compass Program model allows you to create a sustainable yoga project with the flexibility of online yoga and mindfulness curriculum and scheduling.

This Yoga in the Schools Curriculum for individual elementary teachers incorporates social-emotional skills and mindfulness practices focused on strengthening student resiliency, emotional balance and self-awareness.

Price: $249 per teacher

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