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Bullying Compliance & Prevention


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Target Audience:

The Peaceful Playgrounds Bullying Compliance Course is designed to introduce administrators, teachers, substitute teachers, physical educators, parents, after school personnel, and playground supervisors to the responsibilities and techniques associated with keeping children safe from bullying.


Course Description:

The course is divided into 7 areas:

1) Introduction and Overview: Legal requirements, state specific requirements, state and local responsibilities in reducing bullying.
2) Defining Bullying: what is bullying, what is not bullying, teasing vs taunting, roles in bullying, effects of bullying, and what kids need to know about bullying.
3) Bullying Statistics: bullying increasing, cyberbullying, ramifications of bullying, and that in bullying no one wins.
4) Identifying Bullying: types of bullying, boys who bully, girls who bully, at risk groups for bullying, targets of bullying.
5) Legislation: legislative components, training and prevention and transparency and monitoring.
6) Local responsibilities Relating to: defining , reporting, investigating, written records, legal requirements, sanctions and referrals on bullying. 
7) Responding to bullying: Staff training, hot spots for bullying and AEIOU method of responding to bullying.


Course Goals:

1. Participants will be able to identify the 4 components of bullying.
2. Participants will be able to identify bullying incidents.
3. Demonstrate the knowledge to correctly respond to bullying.
4. Understand you role and legal responsibilities in keeping children safe on the playground.
5. Identify the 11 components common in bullying legislation.


Learning Materials:

The following learning materials are available for download within various sections of the course:

Analysis of State Bullying Laws
State Cyberbullying Laws from Research
Bullying and Cyberbullying statistics
What you need to know about bullying
DOE Letter regarding Schools Legal Responsibilities
Dear Colleague Letter
11 Components of bullying legislation
Anti-Bullying Policy and Program Development
CSMH Bullying Policy Brief



Upon completion of this course you will receive a Certificate of Completion stating your name, date, hours and name of the course. 

NY State CTLE Certified - Our online courses are CTLE NY State certified.  

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Melinda Bossenmeyer, Ed.D. holds a doctorate in Educational Leadership from U.C.L.A. She has a MS and BS in Kinesiology from California State University Fullerton. She holds a K-12 teaching credential in Kinesiology and Health. She holds a K-16 Administrator Clear Credential from UCLA. Dr. Bossenmeyer taught for 27 years at public, private schools, and universities. She was a site principal and County Office Administrator as Director of Professional Development. She is an expert witness in cases involving supervision and injuries on playgrounds in school settings.



In 2016, Education World Partnered with S&S Worldwide to begin offering both online and on-site workshops and courses to educators across the world. Many of our subscribers and readers are required to obtain continuing education and Professional Development hours throughout their careers. Time, relevancy and quality are the concerns we hear across all industries in regards to Professional Development available, so we wanted to help change that. As we head into our third year of offering Professional Development services, we are proud to say we've helped over 4000 professionals with their online PD needs so far.



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