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Easy, Non-Candy Valentine's Day Activities for the Classroom

Although candy hearts, chocolates, and sweets are still Valentine’s Day favorites, there are many classrooms or organizations that do not allow candy, and teachers and administration that may not want to encourage that much sugar throughout the day.

As you prepare for Valentine’s Day in your classroom, you may be searching to find alternative activities or personalized gifts that do not involve candy or treats. The tradition of sharing Valentines with cute messages or expressing your love and care for your students with a small gift is something that can still be enjoyed among students and staff!

Our friends at S&S Worldwide have shared a few non-candy ideas that teachers can use for their classroom, including activities with Play-Doh and DIY heart themed crafts. These ideas can be used and modified for grades K-6.


vday play-doh ideas make a happy facePlay-Doh Ideas

Play-Doh Valentines are the perfect non-candy craft that inspire creativity and encourage play. Plus, they last much longer than chocolate or candy. One of our favorite ideas is to have students create Happy Faces to spread happiness and express friendship to their classmates. This activity also promotes social emotional learning in expressing happiness through art. Find more ideas from creative moms and teachers, along with free printables that make it super easy to hand out valentines in the classroom, and to any fun-loving friends throughout your school!

Read the full article on Non-Candy Valentine’s Day Ideas with Play-Doh on the S&S Worldwide blog.


Heart Craftsvalentines day heart crafts classroom

Celebrate Valentine’s Day in your classroom with fun heart themed arts and crafts. These doily heart streamers are a simple, low cost craft idea for students, and you can use them to decorate your classroom for Valentine’s Day! Hang them on your desk, in the windows, on the bulletin board, and more. You can also have students personalize each heart with their name and a Valentine message.

Find more DIY craft ideas for your classroom with details and tutorials. Read the full article on DIY Heart Crafts for Valentine’s Day on the S&S Worldwide blog.