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Color Splash!® Giant Box of Sidewalk Chalk (Box of 126)

Was $23.49 - Now just $9.99!  SAVE 57%

Endless Possibilities for Creative & Active Fun!

Kids can make custom artwork on sidewalks, cardboard or paper bags! Fourteen each of 9 vibrant colors. Sticks measure 4”L x 1” diameter. 126 sticks.  Item #:SC877

With the world as your canvas, activity ideas to keep kids engaged are easy! Here's some ideas for your to try:

  •  Draw Jumbo Checkers and Chess Boards (use bean bags)
  •  Create a Favorite Board Game like Candy Land
  • Draw a Bulls Eye and Toss Bean Bags or Water Balloons
  • Create a Backdrop for Pictures
  • Inspire Kindness with a Sidewalk of Encouraging Words
  • Jumbo Bingo Cards (use bean bags or poly spots)
  • Use with Lessons (Periodic Table, Math Charts, Venn Diagrams, Sheet Music)