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Bringing Tech & Library Skills into Physical Education

Cross-Curricular Integration & Collaboration for PE Teachers

Course Description:

Whether you’re a new or experienced PE/Health (hereafter referred to collectively as “PE”) teacher, you know that we are preparing students for a lifetime of health, fitness and overall wellness. To this end, a truly high quality PE program in the 21st century is one that engages with Technology and Library Skills in a real-world way. This will grab students’ interest and enrich their learning as it engages multiple subject/skill areas at once. This will also increase the overall quality of your school’s instruction as you collaborate with teachers of other subjects. And as a side benefit, it will make you stand out as an exemplary PE teacher who not only shines as a PE specialist, but a cross-curricular collaborative educator and leader.

Target Audience:

This course has been designed for PE/Health teachers (but also applicable for camp counselors, after-school activity leaders, etc.) who are interested in cross-curricular collaboration and integration of Technology, Technology curriculum and Library Skills into their PE/Health program.

Completion time: This course will take approximately 10 hours to complete.

Price: $99

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