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Got the homework blues? Well, we hope that this section will cheer you up with lots of great resources to help get you homework done right!

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Education World Research Center
This section is filled with tons of handy resources, such as online encyclopedias, maps, libraries, thesauri, almanacs and more, available all on one page!


Online Resources: Specialized Encyclopedias and Reference Portals
Good news for teachers, students, and parents: There *is* good, free reference material available on the Internet. Education World writer Mary Daniels Brown offers resources in two areas -- specialized online encyclopedias and reference portals (sites that collect links to reference resources on the Web).

Online Encyclopedias: Which Are the Best Ones for Students?
Good, free reference material *is* available on the Internet. Today, Education World writer Mary Daniels Brown analyzes and compares a handful of free online encyclopedias.

Online Libraries
Internet educator Walter McKenzie highlights the best Internet resources!

Cyber Study Hall: A Guide to Homework Help Online
Cyber-savvy students can have their own personal e-homework helper just a mouse click away -- if they just know where to look! Education World writer Glori Chaika hones in on online homework help resources that your students will find useful. INCLUDED: Links to dozens of homework resources plus an e-interview with 13-year-old B. J. Pinchbeck, creator of BJ Pinchbeck's Homework Helper.

Virtual High Schools: Part 2 New Programs Meet New Needs
Education World writer Mary Daniels Brown looks at several new and distinctive virtual high schools and examines the concerns of some of those programs' critics. Included: A close-up look at six new virtual schools!

Challenge + Fun = Math Achievement in Middle School
Middle school is a critical time for building math skills required in high school, college, work, and everyday life. Yet the Third International Mathematics and Science Study scored eighth grade middle school students in the U.S. below the international average of more than forty nations. Whats being done to improve performance? Look to math challenges that fire up thinking skills and are cool enough for middle grades. Included: Teachers and students comment about Figure This!, a new and challenging math resource available online and in hard copy. Also, more than a dozen other great online resources for connecting math and real life!


Homework Help Site Reviews
Reviews of great sites that will help you get your homework done right!

Student Resources:

Homework & Study Guides
Homework & Study Guides : Math


AskJeeves for Kids
The Kid's version of the world's premier natural language question-answering service on the internet.

The infoplease Homework Center
The site features a searchable database of information, plus access to almanacs and other resources.

Study Guides and Strategies
The Study Guides and Strategies web site (http://www.studygs.net) is authored, maintained, and revised on an on-going basis by Joe Landsberger, as an educational public service.



Study Aids
Check out this helpful page in the Higher Education Community for helpful tips, resources, and study guides.

Research Toolbox
The Education World Research Toolbox is a valuable one-page tool with dictionaries, translators, encyclopedias, thesauri, almanacs, quotations, maps, calendars, tables & codes, convertors, calculators, experts, museums, great thinkers, news, libraries, and lots more.


Dan Kurlan, published author and teacher, put together this site to help students learn to read better by exploring the fundamentals of critical reading and effective writing. (Grades: 9-12+)


Links to a Better Education
This set of resources from Wilton Highschool is very comprehensive and includes just about everything you'll need to be an effective learner.

Study Skills Self-help Information
A great list of study skills resources from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University.

Study Guides and Strategies
The Study Guides and Strategies web site (http://www.studygs.net) is authored, maintained, and revised on an on-going basis by Joe Landsberger, as an educational public service.

Study Tips
A list of great ideas to help your studying style from the University of Texas - Austin.

The CalREN Project Study Tips
A great set of easy to read study tips.