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Teaching Students to "Go Fourth" Peacefully
Go Fourth, an anti-bullying program based on classroom discussions and exchanges among children around the globe, recently brought teachers, parents, and fourth grade students from East Greenwich, Rhode Island, school to Shaoguan, Guandong province, China, on a mission to promote respect for cultural diversity.

Learning and Living the First Amendment
Find out how you can use your school as a mini democracy lab, applying the First Amendments five freedoms to school governance and everyday issues. Included: Links to lesson plans and resources on the First Amendment.

Were In the Money: Lessons for Teaching About Money
Every time we spend a dime -- or a penny or a dollar -- we see the face of one of our presidents! What better time than Presidents Day can there be to teach kids about money? Included: Five hands-on lessons. Hold a money bee," make predictions, learn about inflation/the cost of goods over time, more.

Five Lessons in Black History
Primary source materials teach about Rosa Parks, school integration, and the growth of the African-American population throughout history. Plus: Students create a database/timeline and write a rap about a famous figure in Black History. More!

Kids Count Clams to Spur Community Cleanup
Students in one Maine school count clams instead of Cuisenaire rods and enter data into PDAs instead of notebooks. But they arent just learning how to use technology to count clams, theyre learning that what they do in school can benefit the entire community.

Orphan Train: A Social Studies Project that "Clicked" with Students!
Two 4th grade teachers ride the rails of the "Orphan Train" as they use technology to add vitality to their social studies curriculum. Included: Links to lessons and resources you can use to develop your own Orphan Train project!

Map Lessons: The Route to Improved Geography Skills
Celebrate National Geography Awareness Week with five lessons that employ maps to teach geography and a wide variety of other subjects and skills. Included: Lessons to teach K-12 students about landforms, the global economy, maps from space, more!

Learning Geography Through E-Mail
A month ago, some students in Bellingham, Washington, werent even sure where to find Arizona on a map of the United States. Now they can find Australia, Korea, and even Azerbaijan on a map of the world, thanks to an e-mail activity initiated by their schools library media specialist.

Make Classroom Connections to This Years Elections
Use these five activities to drive home the importance of voting, teach about the process of creating laws, track election results and voter turnout, and teach students what its like to make the tough decisions that elected officials make every day. Plus links to a dozen more election lesson plans!

Telecollaborative Project Develops Compassion, Global Awareness
Each week, an educator takes a stand or shares an Aha! moment in the classroom in the Education World Voice of Experience column. This week, educator Brenda Dyck reflects on the power of telecollaborative learning in the lives of middle school students. These intercultural exchanges, Dyck observes, have the potential to move middle school students from complacency to compassion.


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