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Product Review: Brenthaven Cases

Product Review: Brenthaven Cases

My students…destroy our computers. It’s not personal. They're just…students. So lately, my school has been on the hunt for affordable, built-tough laptop cases that can withstand the lockers and bookbags of your everyday high school student. There’s a lot to sort through for the device administrator, and many cheaply-constructed cases make broad claims about their durability and student-friendly nature. I was nearly at the point of wanting to call it quits before I found Brenthaven.

My Experience

For my test experience, I requested the Brenthaven Tred Zip Folio for my Dell Inspiron, the device used by all of our educators and a large portion of our student body. We were looking for something that could keep our devices protected, while also being thin and sleek enough to fit into our students’ lockers and bookbags. The Brenthaven Tred Zip Folio fit that bill perfectly.


First, let’s talk maybe the unnecessary. The aesthetics of this case were quite a surprise. Generally, when I think of device protection, I think large, clunky, and boxy to point of near embarrassment. Instead, my Brenthaven was gorgeous, sleek, and the coretex sleeve was pleasant to the touch. The suitcase-like handle will stop students from brandishing their devices by the screen. The interior latches are secure enough to make sure the laptop will not fall out if it is dropped. It would be easy to see this detail as a completely unintentional bonus, but in my experience, when products look good, the students take better care of them.


But let’s get down to the knitty-gritty: Do Brenthaven’s cases really hold up to their grand claims of sturdiness? The first thing I noticed was how the hardy edge of the case extends beyond the device’s corners, which creates a great shock absorbing buffer. I was going to include a video of me doing a drop myself, but would prefer not to incriminate myself with my district’s device. Let’s just say that this case, although surprisingly lightweight, stood up to some serious rough-housing.

The Verdict

Overall, I would have no hesitations about setting up my school with Brenthaven’s cases. They’re affordable, functional, and most importantly (and as advertised): very sturdy. Not to mention their 100% lifetime guarantee for all of their cases. You just can’t beat that. Definitely should be a strong consideration for anyone setting up a one-to-one device plan for staff or students in their district.


Written by Keith Lambert, Education World Associate Contributing Editor

Lambert is an English / Language Arts teacher in Connecticut.