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The KOOV Educator Kit – A New educational tool for robotics, coding and design that teachers will love.

KOOV Educator Kit

Educators are always looking for new tools that might make their days in the classroom productive and more engaging for their students.  For some teachers coding and robotics might seem like a daunting topic to implement into a classroom setting but knowing that as the world changes, student learning and curriculum needs are changing with it, educators have a growing need for tech savvy curriculum to bring their classrooms into the future.

One such product to consider that recently became available is the KOOV Educator Kit by Sony.  The kit brings together an easy to use, all in one education tool that teaches students coding, robotics and design.  In a climate where we are seeing more STEM and STEAM resources coming to market KOOV stands out as it contains both a physical building and design component combined with digital coding.  

By design, the KOOV Educator Kit fosters student collaboration and problem-solving skills, which have become critically important in 21st century learning.  

Created for children ages eight and up, the KOOV Educator Kit allows students to build on core concepts learned over time via the KOOV Learning Course which contains 50+ hours of content. This course provides a great starting point to begin learning key concepts and ensures students not only understand the content, but they are able to deploy the digital learning through physical building.  Students can create increasingly complex robots as they go and once they master the basic concepts and skills, they can use their imagination to create an unlimited number of robotic combinations.

The kit is comprised of over 300 building blocks and accessories, along with a variety of sensors, motors and LEDs.   In addition, there are over 30 pre-designed, pre-coded “Robot Recipes” ranging from simple structures to complex animals and vehicles which allow students to start building from the start and help them to quickly obtain the skills needed to create their own original robots.  Students can apply their skills to make original creations and share them online. KOOV provides a safe, well-supervised community to post work, download code and get inspired by fellow creators from your school or around the world.

When you have children coming into the coding space at different levels of understanding, flexibility is key.  KOOV works for both individual and collaborative learning with the kit able to serve up to 5 students at once working as a team.   From an educator’s perspective, this kit is a user-friendly solution to bring digital coding with physical building into the classroom and can be used for both independent study or in an instructor led setting.   Focused on quick implementation for teachers, KOOV provides class management features and comes with helpful educator tools and content such as curriculum-aligned lesson plans, step-by-step teacher guides, and student progress reports.

For educators looking for a comprehensive way to add coding and robotics to your class,  the KOOV Educator Kit is an option to consider.  

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