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Administrators Are Empowering Teachers to Reclaim Their Time and Their Freedom

As both leaders and cheerleaders for their teachers, administrators understand better than anyone the challenges teachers face with decreasing resources and increasing responsibilities—from standards and reporting to accountability. Today, even the hardest working and most experienced teachers struggle to meet so many new and often competing demands.

Fortunately, administrators are stepping in with support and solutions like GradeCam—a web-based application that simplifies and streamlines the entire assessment process. Created by teachers, for teachers, GradeCam enables teachers to create and customize their own forms, scan and score answer sheets for immediate feedback, analyze and share information with their peers and administrators, and even automatically record grades with the touch of a button.

Teachers are able to completely customize assessment forms for any grade level or subject matter, with answer options including multiple choice, true/false, number grids, rubrics, credit assignments, and more. GradeCam also offers a handwritten numeric question type that literally reads and scores number answers—like 3.14, 1776, or 867-5309. And the form options are flexible enough to incorporate as form code identifiers on regular assessments, embed into existing worksheets, or print as multiples on a page. They can even be laminated for re-use.

Best of all, GradeCam accomplishes all of these tasks without requiring any special software, equipment, or forms. Teachers are able to simply print on regular paper; scan and score with their own computer, tablet, smart phone, or document camera; and automatically transfer into whatever digital gradebook they currently use—including Excel.

This added ease and efficiency does more than just save valuable time, however. It also empowers teachers with individual and cumulative data across categories like question, score, student, class, and existing or custom standards. This puts actionable data in their hands when re-teaching can be most impactful. In other words, GradeCam supports teachers inside their classroom and helps them have a life outside of it, too.

By giving teachers the tools they need to work smarter, instead of just longer, administrators are making a real difference for their teachers, their students, and their schools.

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This sponsored article was written by GradeCam.