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A Picture's Worth 1000 Words
In this interdisciplinary lesson, K-8 students try to interpret what pictographs -- pictures that symbolize a word or concept -- really mean. Then they write sentences using their own pictograph system.

Regina Barreca takes on "teaching to the test."

School-Wide Mail Delivery System Teaches Kids Letter-Writing, Responsibility
In this IM, e-mail age, many children haven't experienced the excitement of getting a hand-written letter. One popular program, though, allows students to write letters and work in an in-school post office. Included: See how it works, try it in your school!

What's the Word?
In this activity for grades 3-8, students define 4-5 vocabulary words, use a free online tool to create crossword puzzles with the words, and then share their puzzles for review.

Author Frank McCourt Reflects on Teaching Career 
Frank McCourt began his second career as a writer in a big way, winning the 1996 Pulitzer Prize for his memoir, Angela's Ashes. But before McCourt was a writer, he spent 30 years as a New York City English teacher, an experience detailed in his latest book, Teacher Man.

A Lesson in Proofing
Students in middle and high school learn to use Word's Find/Replace feature to check written work, increase accuracy, and improve their grades. Teachers might want to use the feature too.

Celebrating the U.S. Constitution 
September 16 is the day this year for schools and all Americans to honor and study the U.S. Constitution. Louise Leigh, the founder of Constitution Day, hope lessons give students a new appreciation of their heritage and freedoms.

Teaching Writing on a Computer
Students love seeing their work in print, so why not have them write some of their work on the computer? Walk students through the basics of typing and saving on a computer.

Building Students' Thinking Skills With a Morning Announcement Routine
One of our school-wide focuses last year was developing students' critical thinking skills. As teachers planned ways to accomplish the goal, I knew I wanted to be an active part of the effort. But I wasn't sure how to accomplish that… until I looked at my bookshelf.

Sites to See: Grammar
Are you looking for ways to spice up your next grammar review? Check out the Web sites below for grammar resources for students in grades 3-12! Included: A baker's dozen Web sites with hundreds of interactive quizzes, PowerPoint lectures, fun games, and more!


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