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    L A T I N    




Latin Literature




Latin Palindromes
How many do you know?

Leapin' Linnaeus
Let the Dinosaurs help you learn how to pronounce scientific names.


Supplemental Material for Your Class

The Cambridge School Classics Project
Though the OLP is not intended to be a complete online course, it does provide support to help the teacherless student to study the Cambridge Latin Course.

Latin Drills On Line
These drills accompany the Oxford Latin Course, second edition, chapter by chapter.

Internet Workbook
This workbook is designed to help students practice and review material associated with the Oxford Latin Course (OLC).

The Latin Page
This is a page of general classroom aides designed primarily for the 7-12 Latin teacher. Some projects may be able to be adapted for lower grades.

Latin Homepage
A complete resource for all your Latin needs from the guides at About.com

Methods for Teaching Latin

Latin the Easy Way
"I use a method that's a little different than the standard, a method aimed at results, not tradition, and no need to learn grammar at the outset, when you've got enough new things to learn. "

Talking Like the Ancient Romans
So, you'd like to be able to speak some ancient Latin, eh? Well, this link is the right place.

The Intelligent Person's Guide to Latin
"A Commonsense Approach to a Fossilized Code" The purpose of this monograph is to provide a clear and uncluttered description of the Latin language as it was used in ancient times.

Latin Teach
LATINTEACH is an online e-mail discussion forum for Latin teachers. The goal of Latinteach is to provide a meeting place for Latin teachers to share ideas about pedagogy, teaching methodology, techniques and strategies.