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Samantha Beattie has taught first grade for eight years and is currently teaching a multi-age classroom of first and second-graders. She graduated Nova Southeastern University with a master’s degree...
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Running Records

I recently purchased an ipad to use in my classroom. I am loving it! One of the best apps I have found is for running records. It makes my job much easier. No more complicated math for me! =)

There are two versions to the app, a lite version and a full version. I purchased the full version, after using the lite app. It is very simple to use. The full version records the student reading the passage. To get started, I click on start and the student starts reading. When they are done reading, I stop the timer and enter in the number of words read, the errors, and the self-corrections made. The app quickly does the math. The screen now shows the time, words per minute read, accuracy percentage, and self-correction rate. It is very user friendly!

The best part is the recording. I play back the reading for the student and I let them tell me what they notice about their reading. This is a great tool for those students who read like a robot, and need to work on expression and fluency. My kids love to hear themselves, and they are pretty good at understanding what the numbers mean now.

The app does not have the ability to save the recordings. So that is a bummer because the kids are not able to compare their readings.

So to solve this problem, I have begun having them read a second time and I video the reading with the ipad. When I meet with them the following week, I will record them reading the same passage again. Then we watch and listen to both readings to compare. If you want to your students to be able to compare readings, I suggest you try this!

If you need something to make your job a little easier, this app does just that!

Running Record App for ipad or iphone Lite Version (does not record) FREE

Running Record App for ipad or iphonefull version with recording $4.99