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Middle Schools Students and "Making the Bus Monitor Cry" Video

Bullying is a serious thing. And when it happens in schools~ officials must react and act to show that it will not be tolerated. But is it working? Is this effective at all? Can punishment stop the bullying culture that is tainting schools today?
Karen Klein is a bus monitor. She rides school buses with students to ensure that the bus ride is safe and everyone gets where they are going. But on a recent day~ the bus ride turned emotionally painful as a group of boys bullied her. They called her fat~ used profane language and even made death threats. And in perhaps the cruelest remark of all~ they said that she had no family because they called killed themselves to get away from her.

NOTE: You can view the video on YouTube -- but be warned~ it is an intense 10 minute video filled with cruel remarks~ profanity and threats.

To anyone~ that would be hurtful. But for Karen Klein~ it was something that hit far below the belt. The grandmother of eight has experienced suicide before -- her son took his life 10 years ago. When you've lived through the agony of a suicide~ the subject can bring up a black hole of emotions and pain.

The school hasn't disclosed how these students will be punished for their heinous behavior on the school bus. And Klein has decided against pressing criminal charges. But one thing is certain~ these students will face punishment -- as they should.

Read what one expert says about the behavior.

Karen Klein has since been interviewed on television and featured in periodicals around the country. People have donated money to her so that she may take the vacation of a lifetime. But the simple fact is that none of this should have ever happened. This widowed woman should never have had to deal with such monsterly behavior.

How do you think the school and the district should punish these students? Do you think further action is needed too~ such as a new district-wide bullying program to send the message that this behavior will never be tolerated?

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