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Using the News for Creative Writing-11...

Vevgeny Salinder~11~ recently went for a walk and has made an amazing discovery~ a well-preserved body of a 30~000 year old woolly mammoth! Found near a weather station in Taymyr~ northern Russia~ the adult male mammoths body is nearly intact~with bones~ fur and skin. Scientists worked for a week excavating the 6ft 6 inch mammoth from its resting place in the permafrost. Thought to be about 15 year of age~ the 1100 pound mammoth also has its rib cage~ mouth and tusk. It also has a hump on...

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Crisis~ the Game

During the last week of school~ I decided to try an experiment. Inspired by a documentary about John Hunter~ the fourth grade teacher who created the World Peace Game~ I began playing a simulation with my gifted fifth graders.

I called it Crisis~ the game.

The reason I called it Crisis was because I wanted my students to become problem solvers~ and what better place to solve problems but in the world.

The rules were simple:

  1. 1. Solve whatever issues or problems...

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Using the News for Creative Writng-...

Off the coast of Queensland~ Australia is the world's largest coral reef in the world~ Scientists say the reef that extends for 1600 miles in the Coral Sea is in big trouble. Nearly 1/2 of the reefs coral has been lost in the past 27 years. Scientists say there are many factors that have caused the coral destruction: rising ocean temperatures~ increased storms in the area~agricultural fertilizer washing into the reef area and lots of starfish(especially the crown-of-thorns) are eating the...

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Desk Olympics

Sometimes~ it feels like a no-win situation.

You position the students desks facing each other~ in cooperative learning style~ and their eyes are on each other~ instead of you.

You face the desks toward you~ and it may discourage discussion and create the feeling of being an institution.

I think teachers~ in general~ struggle with the best way to arrange the desks in their classroom.

That is~ until you learn about Desk Olympics.

The concept involves training...

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E-readers vs. Books Infographic

Your traditional paperback and hardcover books aren't going anywhere anytime soon, but you might be seeing a lot less of them in the hands of average readers. E-reader sales are on a consistent incline and are proving to be one of the few modern technologies that don't have big age barriers. While it's unlikely that the e-reader will replace physical books altogether, their low cost, light weight and broad selection of content have made them immensely popular. This infographic provided to us...

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SOM Turns Tutorials on Their Ear

SOMWant to dip your toe into the "flipped classroom" water without a big investment or learning curve? A free online tool that records actions on one's computer is winning fans among educators. Screencast-O-Matic, which allows users to create narrated videos of the actions that appear on their computer screens, is being hailed by some as the next level of digital learning.


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Common Core Curriculum Maps

I am back with yet another Common Core teacher resource book. I have spent the past few days reading through the first grade section of Common Core Curriculum Maps. Again~ l...

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The Common Core Lesson Book

The Common Core Lesson Book K-5 by Gretchen Owocki arrived on my doorstep late yesterday evening. Luckily for me, we had early release today at school. I was able to spend some time reading through the first section of the book. Let me quickly note, I have no relationship to the publisher or authors of this book. My opinions, are just that, mine. I am only sharing what I think about this as a resource for planning...

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Bombs Away!

Not sure how I did it, but one school year, I convinced my principal to let me fill up over 500 water balloons, bring the kiddies out to the P.E. field, and let them reenact the Battle of the Alamo.

The project took on a life of its own.

The next year, we filled up 1,000 balloons. The students made bandannas to mark their teams and donned goggles and other protective gear. We used PE equipment, garbage cans and other items to create an Alamo structure.

Parent served...

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Harry Potter and Science

It seems that some of the amazing things used by fictitious famous wizard, Harry Potter, are becoming a reality. Last year, an invisibility cloak along the idea of the one Harry wore to go unnoticed through the halls of Hogwarts, has been tested in a lab. Now, add floating...