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Kim Waltmire M.Ed. is a state and national award-winning educator. She holds an honorary seat with the 2006 USA Today All-Star Teacher team. Kim is a graduate from CCSU with a Masters in Early...
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Why Graphic Organizers?

It is imperative that children learn to take notes and organize their thoughts and facts before, during, and after their reading and writing. You may choose to use some of these organizers and planners the way they are presented.

Perhaps you can add some artistic expression as well. Just cut, glue and embellish! You will undoubtedly be amazed by the presentation when we allow children to transpose their graphics into visual writing. The skills and objectives will be learned with purpose and more effectively because they are not just relying on paper-pencil tasks. 

Your students will be guided into applying what they know and learned through their own expression; their own experiences; so in order to develop their critical thinking skills (comprehension, application, analysis, synthesis, and evaluation), we must provide them with the strategies, organization, and the tools in which to become more expressive. It’s time to bring the CCSS framework to life!

So what are you waiting for?

My students enjoy creating their own organizer too. They take ownership, enjoy their time, all while collecting information along the way. It is part of the creative process. So, take a risk and use these organizers to encourage your students to be creative.

Fold the paper, attach the organizers to colored paper, create frames, borders, pictorials, diagrams, posters, etc. A child’s original creation allows them to think more creatively and feel more independent during the writing process.

Have a Nonfiction Share Fair or Research Exhibit and celebrate! Sure, the process may appear to be long when we encourage our students to explore his/her artistic expression, but I promise you; the end product is so well worth it. 

Check for Visual Reading and Writing Activities for the Common Core in my store.

Kim Waltmire 

It’s more than the Common Core…

It’s Time to Bring the CCSS Framework to Life!