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Simple Holiday Classroom Crafts for Under $1



cheap classroom crafts for christmas

I’m going to share a secret that took me way too long to learn… are you ready? Parents don’t care what the craft is as long as they can tell their kiddo made it. I used to spend so much time trying to come up with these elaborate, fancy crafts. I often spent WAY too much money, felt super stressed, and then never loved the results unless they looked perfect.

However, I’ve learned that parents love those imperfect, simple crafts. As a parent, the crafts and projects I keep are the ones that are clearly completed, start to finish, by my daughter. The crafts that clearly has a little (a hem) “teacher guidance”, I’m much less likely to keep. So, as you’re working on crafts this holiday season, keep in mind that parents what to see THEIR students imperfectly adorable work, not your Pinterest perfect vision of a craft. (This also free you up to keep it simple and not break the bank!)

So I have pulled together a few different options for you with ideas that will delight parents and get you and your students into the holiday spirit! Between Velvet Art ornaments, Make your own Ornaments (the easy way), string mittens....I'm sure you will find something that is perfect for your classroom!

See what I've picked and get more information and pictures at my blog by clicking here.