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In the News: Iceland Volcano Erupts

What do YOU know about the country of Iceland?

Iceland’s Capital of Reykjavik 

Volcano erupts in the country of Iceland! The recent eruption occurred on the Reykjanes Peninsula(south-west part of Iceland). The fishing town, Grindavik, had been evacuated last month prior to the volcanic eruption.

What do you know about the country of Iceland?

Write TWO facts:

1) ________________________________________________________ 


2) ________________________________________________________


The largest waterfall in Europe is Gullfoss(golden fall) and is found in Iceland.

Fun Facts about Iceland:

1. Iceland is a great place to see the Aurora Borealis light display especially between October-March.

2. NASA used the terrain of Iceland to train its astronauts for the first moon landing.

3. Iceland has no army, navy or air force. They only have a Coast Guard. Iceland also does not have a railroad system.

4. There are few trees in Iceland and those trees aren’t very tall. A joke says,”How does one find their way out of an Icelandic forest?” Answer: They stand up.

5. The largest waterfall in Europe is Gullfoss(golden fall) found in Iceland. Sigrious Tomasdottir, who lived near the falls, threatened to jump if a hydroelectric dam was built there. Today, a statue can be found near the falls in her memory for saving the falls. There is not a hydroelectric dam.

6. The word, geyser, comes from Icelandic! The oldest known geyser is found in Iceland. The word means “the gusher”.

7. Iceland has the oldest democracy in the world. Its parliament was founded about 1000 years ago and is called the Althingi.

8.In the 1960s, a volcanic eruption created the island of Surtsey.

9. The country uses geothermal energy for most of their energy needs. 

10. Icelandic families have different last names. Icelandic people name their children after their father’s first name plus the name son or daughter. A boy, whose dad is named Eider would have the last name Eidersson. A girl would have the last name Eiderdottir. Only certain names, taken from the official book of names, are allowed to be used in the country of Iceland.

11. The Iceland horses have been on the island since around 930AD. No other horses can be brought into the country of Iceland.

12. Iceland was settled by the Vikings around the late 9th Century AD. Iceland is nicknamed the “land of fire and ice” because of all the many volcanoes, waterfalls, geysers and glaciers.

13. In 2010, the Eyjafjallajokull volcano erupted, the most eruption to date.

14. In 1973, the only town on the Westman Islands of Heimaey, was badly damaged due to a volcanic eruption. Its 5000 residents had to evacuate. Lava and thick ash covered much of the town. Called the “Pompeii of the North”, excavation has uncovered most homes in good condition with many of the items   intact!

15. Iceland has 32 ACTIVE volcanoes! 

Map Work: Find the answers at this link: MAP

1. Highest peak in Iceland:____________________

2. Largest glacier in Iceland:_________________________

3. City closest to the Arctic Circle: _____________________________

4. Southernmost city in Iceland: ______________________________

5. River which the city of Borgarnes is nearest: _____________________

6. Capital city of the country of Iceland: It is the world’s most northern capital city._________________________

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Kerio Crater in Iceland(concerts have been held here) 

Photographs from Gail Hennessey