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National Pretzel Day is April 26th- Show Students that EVERYTHING has a History!

April 26th is National Pretzel Day!

Did You Know?

1. In 2015, archaeologists found what is said to be the oldest pretzel. Found in Regensburg, Germany, the remains of two pretzels about 250 years old were found, beneath the floor in what had been a bakery.

2. In 2015, a pretzel weighing 1728 lb(783.81 kg) was made. Measuring 29ft.3 in(8.93 m) long, the pretzel is currently the Guinness World Record holder for the biggest pretzel.

3. The phrase “tying the knot” comes from a Swiss tradition where at a wedding, the couple would make a wish and break a pretzel.

4. A 1581 German cookbook shared a recipe for pretzel soup. It was made from water and puree of pretzels.

5. Baldies are what pretzels made without salt are called.

6. Known for courage, a lion holding a pretzel is a symbol found outside many bakeries in Austria. Legend says the reason dates back to 1510. Bakers working in the early morning hours getting their pretzels ready for sale, heard tunneling noises under the wall of the city of Vienna. Their quick action of telling authorities prevented the Ottoman Turks from being successful in a sneak attack of the city!

7. The state of Pennsylvania is called the nation’s Pretzel capital, since 80% of all pretzels made in the United States are made in Pennsylvania.

8. An illuminated manuscript from around 1440 AD, shows St. Bartholomew surrounded by pretzels!

Use this reading passage to show students that everything has a history, even pretzels! The resource includes a reading passage, a Did You Know? section of fun facts about pretzels. For example: Baldies are what salt-less pretzels are called! Comprehension questions/mapskill activity, teacher page with extension activities. Everything has a History, even the Pretzel!