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The Global Games Start June 14th!

World Cup 2018 June 14-July 15th
The Global Game
What is the World Cup? The actual term is the FIFA World Cup. FIFA stands for Federation Internationale de Football Association. Held every four years, the championship started in 1930 and except for 1942 and 1946, it's been held ever since. This year there will be 32 countries participating and for the first time, Iceland will be participating in the event.

Here are some activities to learn about the country of Russia, football(called soccer in the United States) and the World Cup!
Using the map of Russia, learn about the geography of the country hosting the World Cup.
Use this map:

1. Look at the map of Russia and find the city which is closest to Lake Baika: ________________

2. Find the city of Sochi, the site of the 2014 Winter Olympic games. It is also one of the host cities for the World Cup. Near which body of water is the city?____________

3. Which sea is located to the north of Russia? _______________________Both the Volga River and the Don River flow into which landlocked sea?_____________

4.Which city is closer to the west: Saint Petersburg(one of the host cities for the World Cup) or Moscow?__________


  1. The first World Cup was held in the South American country of_________________, in 1930.
  2. The 2010 World Cup was held for the first time in the African country of ___________.
  3. Has the United States hosted the World Cup? _____________
  4. Where will the next World Cup be held in 2022?______________
  5. Which countries have hosted the event more than once?__________ ______________ ______________ ______________ 
  6. Thought questions: Why are some people concerned about the selection of the host country for 2022?__________________
  7. Why wasn't there a World Cup from 1942-1950? _________________Find the answers at this link:
  8. During the Middle Ages, pig bladders were inflated and used as "balls"! In which country did soccer possibly originate more than 2000 years ago?_____________
  9. The history of "modern soccer" is said to have begun in this country._______________
  10. In most of the world, soccer is known as "football". Before whistles were used, beginning in 1878, how did referees control the game?_______________
  11. It is estimated that a football player runs about __________ miles during a soccer game. Find the answers at this link:
  12. Out of 24 world time zones, how many are found in Russia?_______
  13. How many countries touch the country of Russia?___________
  14. Name the longest river in Europe which is found in Russia?______________
  15. What is the name of the deeper lake which is found in Russia?_____________
  16. The largest country in the world, Russia,is found on both the continents of Europe and the continent of Asia(also called the continent Eurasia). On which continental side is most of the population of Russia?__________ Find the answers at this link:
  17. Iceland, called the land of fire and ice, was settled by the Vikings around 850 AD. There are more than 170 geothermal pools in Iceland. What is a puffin? _____________
  18. Icelandic is similar to which other language? ___________
  19. There are about 200 volcanoes in Iceland with about how many still active?_________Find the answers at this link:
  20. Both Denmark and Norway once controlled Iceland, with Iceland becoming a republic in 1944. What is the name of the island that was formed in 1964 by volcanic activity?_____________
  21. What is the largest volcano in Iceland?________________
  22. Over 90% of the energy used in Iceland is from this type of power________________Find the answers at this link:
Go to this link: FIFA Official Site to see the 32 countries participating in the 2010 World Cup.(Click on "Teams")
T or F
1. China is participating in the World Cup:________
2. Australia is participating in the World Cup:________
3. Canada is participating in the World Cup:________
4. Mexico is participating in the World Cup:________
5. Turkey is participating in the World Cup:________
6. Russia is participating in the World Cup:________
Cool facts about soccer and the World Cup:
  • In 2003, Martinho Eduardo Orige, of Brazil broke a world record for juggling a soccer ball non-stop for 19 hours and 30 minutes.
  • During 1976-1992, South Africa was banned from participating in the World Cup in opposition to their policy of apartheid.
  • The first women's FIFA took place in 1991. Twelve countries participated with the USA winning against Norway in the final match.
  • The country of Brazil has won the most World Cups(5) with Italy having won (4).
  • In 1950, the soccer team from India withdrew from the competition because they weren't allowed to play the game barefoot.
  • The Bicycle Kick was first done successfully by Ramon Unzaga, Chile, in 1914. The move involves throwing your body into the air, moving the legs in a scissor motion, and kicking the ball backwards over the head.

Your Turn:

1. Which of the 32 countries would you like to visit most? Why? Look up information about the country and write 5 interesting facts about this country.

2. Do you play football (soccer)?

3. What are two facts you know about football? (Soccer)

4. List two facts you know about the host country of Russia.

5. Can you name one fact about the country of Iceland, who will be participating in the Global Games for the very first time?

  • Watch some penguins playing soccer: CBS NEWS
Possible Resources of Interest:
  • My Country in Focus series, highlights a country with a web quest, some fun facts and some extension activities. The first in the series is Iceland. It would be a great one day activity for before a vacation or for an enrichment activity.Click here:
  • Learn about the World Cup Host Country of Russia with this webquest,fun facts and extension activities:Russia

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