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Family Village: A Global Community of Disability-Related Resources
GRADE LEVEL: Parent/Professional

Family Village is an exceptional directory of resources covering disability issues on the Internet. The breadth of the subject and content listings available sets this site apart from all the rest. Family Village also provides a set of discussion lists and chat rooms

Simple graphics and layout make the site easy to read.

Use the navigational links available at the bottoms of the pages, or click on the link to an alphabetical site map on the main page. Family Village is a directory to other sites on the Internet, so be sure to bookmark the main page for easy access and return.

Family Village is a great guide to information for people with disabilities and their families, friends, teachers, and caregivers. The Library section contains a huge listing of resources related to general issues and specific disabilities. The School section lists lots of valuable links about assistive technology, disability awareness, IEP guidelines, and more. Check out the Hospital section for resources on health care, transportation, nutrition, etc. That's just the beginning! Family Village also contains a Coffee Shop with chat rooms and discussion lists, a great section on Recreation and Leisure, a Community Center with family specific resources, and other important resources to help make life better for individuals with disabilities. Special education teachers and parents should bookmark this exceptionally helpful site!